Book review: Harare North

 Author: Brian Chikwava– Caine Prize winner, 2004 Publisher: Jonathan Cape, London Year of publication: 2009 Pages: 230 (Hard cover) Harare North is a novel narrated mostly in first person by an unnamed asylum-seeker from Zimbabwe. It starts as the narrator arrives at Gatwick airport with only an old cardboard suitcase that has his mother’s scentContinue reading “Book review: Harare North”

Against all odds: Dan Oketch

Imagine losing the freedom to not only do what earns your coins, but also what keeps you level-headed… That’s what happened to Dan Oketch nearly year ago. How he lost that freedom is nowhere near the start of his artistic journey neither is it its end, but it definitely fueled his career as an artist. BackContinue reading “Against all odds: Dan Oketch”

Art on skin: Valary Mdeizi

Self-taught makeup artist Valary Mdeizi has made her art more than just about making her clients -her canvases- prettier. She went pro in 2013 for a music video shoot, and that train has been chugging ever since. Her art is inspired by nature, cultures, poetry, paintings and people; among many other things. Here is aContinue reading “Art on skin: Valary Mdeizi”

Staying buoyant: Swift Graffiti

The origin of his artist name is a story involving a trip to shaggz, a bottle of soda, a young light-skinned African boy and his grandma. Now in his 10th year doing graffiti professionally, Swift is one of the pioneering graffiti personalities in Kenya. He however did not start his artistic journey with a sprayContinue reading “Staying buoyant: Swift Graffiti”

Graffiti Girls Kenya: Using graffiti to tackle social issues

Founded in 2015 by one of Kenya’s pioneer graffiti artists Douglas Kihiko, famously known as Smokillah, Graffiti Girls Kenya is an initiative that involves in more than just spraying colorful designs, drawings and messages onto walls and other surfaces. Together, they confront social issues that affect women in their society; issues such as cervical cancer,Continue reading “Graffiti Girls Kenya: Using graffiti to tackle social issues”

Maasai Mbili Artists’ Collective – Deeper than just the aesthetic

There are a lot of ways to find healing from whatever’s ailing an individual or society. One of these ways is art. Enter Maasai Mbili Artists’ Collective, a group of free-spirited artistic geniuses -also fondly referred to as M2. These artists re-purpose junk and trash into material for creating art. They are also involved inContinue reading “Maasai Mbili Artists’ Collective – Deeper than just the aesthetic”