Art on skin: Valary Mdeizi

Self-taught makeup artist Valary Mdeizi has made her art more than just about making her clients -her canvases- prettier. She went pro in 2013 for a music video shoot, and that train has been chugging ever since. Her art is inspired by nature, cultures, poetry, paintings and people; among many other things. Here is aContinue reading “Art on skin: Valary Mdeizi”

Maasai Mbili Artists’ Collective – Deeper than just the aesthetic

There are a lot of ways to find healing from whatever’s ailing an individual or society. One of these ways is art. Enter Maasai Mbili Artists’ Collective, a group of free-spirited artistic geniuses -also fondly referred to as M2. These artists re-purpose junk and trash into material for creating art. They are also involved inContinue reading “Maasai Mbili Artists’ Collective – Deeper than just the aesthetic”

Banana Hill Art Gallery: Where African art lives

What catches your eye as soon as you enter Banana Hill Art Gallery is artwork by Haji Chilonga hung on the walls of the serene building. He is the gallery’s featured artist of the month. Located anywhere between 25 minutes and 2 hours (traffic in Nairobi 🙄) away from Nairobi CBD, is the small andContinue reading “Banana Hill Art Gallery: Where African art lives”